Band of the Mounted Regiments (Royal Netherlands Army)



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The Fanfare 'Bereden Wapens' (FBW) (Band of the Mounted Regiments) is one of the 2 regimental fanfares of the Royal Netherlands Army. The band consists of 22 musicians and provides the music around military ceremonial.
In addition to the ceremonial services, the band gives talks or goodwill concerts in regions around army barracks. They do this in order to maintain good contacts with the local residents. The orchestra also plays on tattoos at home and abroad

By bike
The FBW also provides performances on the bike according to the tradition of the Korps Wielrijders. A cycling military orchestra is unique and is therefore often asked.

During concerts the FBW plays the repertoire wishes of the audience. This can be march, coral, jazz, pop, folk or film music. During concerts for veterans the fanfare tells the story of the veteran.

The Fanfare 'Bereden Wapens' has 2 ensembles: a brass quintet and a combo. Ensembles play at small military ceremonies, receptions and official receptions.

The combo plays during official receptions and dinners within Defense. The combo has an ensemble of trumpet, saxophone, bass guitar, piano and drums. The musicians provide atmospheric jazz, latin and lounge music.

History Fanfare 'Bereden Wapens'
Within the Dutch military music it has been a long time tradition that every regiment had its own music chapel. The army had 4 fanfares: The Kapel van de Limburgse Jagers, the Genie Kapel, the Trompetterkorps der Cavalerie and the Trompetterkops der Artillerie. After the cuts in 1992 and 2012, they were lifted. With the remaining 21 musicians, the Fanfare 'Bereden Wapens' was formed. This regimental fanfare continues the traditions of the raised orchestras.