Band of the Royal Netherlands Air Force



Country of origin:

The Netherlands  

City of origin:

Gilze Rijen  

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The Kapel van de Koninklijke Luchtmacht ( Band of the Royal Netherlands Air Force ) is one of the three military harmony orchestras of the Dutch armed forces. The musicians take care of the music at military ceremonies and state affairs.


The musicians of the band mainly play pop music, jazz and film music. Regularly with guest artists. The orchestra has a fixed line-up with guitar, keys, bass / double bass and drums.
On the indoor and outdoor stages, the orchestra reaches thousands of music lovers. They get to know a professional air force organization in a positive way.


Shortly after the Second World War a music corps was set up, whose members were war volunteers of the troups in the district of Twente. In May 1946, this music corps moved to the Commando Luchtvaartroepen (Command Aviation Troops) in Breda and became this corps: the Muziekkorps van het Commando Luchtvaarttroepen (Music Corps of the Command Aviation Troops). In addition, there was a tambour corps of 26 conscripts. This was added to the music corps.

Because of the many activities this volunteer corps received in 1950 the ministerial approval to become a larger professional orchestra: the Luchtmachtkapel (Airforceband).
In the same period the Musical Corps of the Regiment Stoottroepen of the Royal Netherlands Army was abolished. The 30 musicians of this corps were also added to the Kapel van de Koninklijke Luchtmacht. On November 28, 1951 was the first concert in the Rivièra Hall in Rotterdam.

On July 1, 1953, the Air Force became an independent armed force. The Luchtmachtkapel was renamed the Kapel van de Koninklijke Luchtmacht.