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The Netherlands  

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Orchestra type:

Symphonic harmonic orchestra


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The Nederlands Politie Orkest (NPO) (Dutch Police Orchestra) is the musical calling card of the Dutch policeforce. The percussion group and the Nederlandse Politie Steelband (Dutch Police Steelband) are part of the NPO. Because of this unique composition, the NPO is versatile and can perform almost any genre of music. A great way to introduce people to the Dutch police in a different way.
The Nederlands Politie Orkest is a symphonic hormonic orchestra consisting of about 55 musicians working at the National Police. They come from all Regional Units in the country. The NPO was founded in 1995.

The musical calling card of the police
The orchestra is a fine way to introduce people to the Dutch police in a different way. Partly by acting as a representative at major national and international events, the NPO makes an important contribution to the public relations of the Dutch police. The NPO consists of enthusiastic members who put a lot of time and energy into their hobby. On average, the orchestra performs about 25 times a year.

Symphonic harmonic orchestra
The NPO is a symphonic harmonic orchestra. Symphonic does not mean here that violin-type instruments ar part of the orchestra, but that the performance is symphonically tinted by the instrumental arrangement. In addition to the most common instruments such as horns, basses, trumpets, trombones, baritones, clarinets, percussion, there are also more specific instruments. Specific instruments such as althobo, bassoon, piccolo trumpet, electric bass, bass guitar, synthesizer, alto clarinet and marimba.
The percussion group of the Netherlands Police Orchestra consists of fifteen musicians, all employees of the police. They are at the forefront when the entire Nederlands Politie Orkerst participates in events such as Prinsjesdag ( Dutch version of 'The State Of The Union'), Veteranendag (Veteransday) and the Nijmeegse Vierdaagse (Nijmegen Four Days Marches).

The percussion group plays instruments specially made for the musicians: five deep parade drums, five flat snare drums, two pair of cymbals and three basedrums. In addition, the percussion group also provides independent performances. The instruments will then be expanded with four concertdrums, two bongo sets, three pair of cymbals and other percussion instruments.

The percussionists have a double role within the NPO. They also play in the Nederlandse Politie Steelband.

The Steelband
Whether it is a South American party night, a village festival, a festival or official matters such as a reception. The musical police officers of the steel band of the NPO guarantee a swinging Carribean performance. Everywhere and for everyone.

The repertoire of the Nederlandse Politie Steelband is varied. The base is, ofcourse, Caribbean music, but the musicians effortlessly bring rock, pop and even classic to the pans.

The Nederlandse Politie Steelband was founded in 1979 and since 2012 is part of the Stichting Nederlands Politie Orkest. The musicians are all working with the police throughout the country and in various police positions. In addition, they meet regularly to make music with great enthusiasm and commitment. Largely in the Netherlands but they have already successfully performed abroad several times.