One of the key tasks of The Netherlands Military Tattoo is to bring the Dutch military orchestras and the parts of the Dutch Armed Forces (Royal Netherlands Navy, Royal Netherlands Army, Royal Netherlands Air Force, Royal Netherlands Marechaussee in a joint presentation to a wide public (see also the history). In addition, every year the Nederlands Politieorkest (Dutch Police Orchestra) takes part in the program as representative of the National Police. It is not only about musical presentation in all its versatility. Often the music also serves as a frame when portraying a historical scene or when giving attention to the modern (peacekeeping) tasks that Defense and Police are called upon in the present time. These items are regularly part of the program.


The Dutch military orchestras that normally participate in The Netherlands Military Tattoo are the following:

  • "Marinierskapel der Koninklijke Marine" with "Tamboers en Pijpers" of the "Korps Marinier", supplemented with Torchbearers ( "Marine Corpsband of the Royal Navy" with "Tambour and Pipers" of the "Marine Corps", supplemented with Torchbearers);
  • 'Koninklijke Militaire Kapel “Johan Willem Friso”' and the 'Regimentsfanfare “Garde Grenadiers en Jagers”' (Royal Military Band "Johan Willem Friso" and the Regimental Fanfare "Guard Grenadiers and Hunters")
  • Kapel van de Koninklijke Luchtmacht (Band of the Royal Air Force)
  • Trompetterkorps der Koninklijke Marechaussee (Trumpeter Corps of the Royal Netherlands Military Police)
  • Fanfare Korps Nationale Reserve (Fanfare Corps National Reserve)
  • Fanfare Bereden Wapens (Fanfare Ridden Weapons)

When designing the show, it is always considdered to focus the show of The Netherlands Military Tattoo in the context of an important event in Dutch (military) history. Placing the show in a historical perspective is an important objective. The Netherlands Military Tattoo aims to contribute to maintaining traditions and promoting historical awareness withthe public and with young people in particular. In addition, current events in the field of global peace and security can also be found in the program.


Regularly one or more foreign military orchestras take part in The Netherlands Military Tattoo. Civillian orchestras are regular guests at The Netherlands Military Tattoo. In doing so, we often strive for a massive and impressive joint action. In addition to the music in the program, there is also opportunity for creative or other special acts such as dance groups, folklore, gymnastics, acrobatics etc. Where appropriate, military equipment can also participate in the show (eg jeeps , motorcycles, horses). Because of this interaction of military and civilian participation The Netherlands Military Tattoo, while maintaining its military character, has developed into a very versatile show, in which tradition, actuality, relaxation and reflection alternate, both in the music as in the design of the various program components. The phenomenal lighting and dynamic decors guarantees that the spectator will experience a show that fascinates him from the first to the last minute.

Every year, The Netherlands Military Tattoo dedicates one show to Veterans who are put in the spotlights in this way. Prior to this, with the support of the Nationaal fonds voor Vrede, Veiligheid en Veteranenzorg (National Fund for Peace, Security and Veterans Care) we offer the Veterans and service victims of Defense and the National Police is a massive reunion and social gathering with a joint meal!
This Veterans show is also the opening performance of The Netherlands Military Tattoo, which is attended by guests from Defense, the Municipality of Rotterdam, the National Police. 


The Netherlands Military Tattoo is organized by the Stichting Nationale Taptoe as part of agreements with the Ministry of Defense, the National Police (Ministry of Justice and Security) and the City of Rotterdam (Rotterdam Festivals) and in respect of the Veterans reception with support of the vfonds (National Fund for Peace, Security and Veterans Care)